A few random thoughts

Still no adoption news today…

I found this shirt at the mall. I kind of wish I could wear it on the Skype call to encourage my girl to want to be adopted.

aha moment, noun, a moment of sudden insight or realization at which something becomes clear

But I don’t think the translator would appreciate my attempt at humor and my girl doesn’t know enough English to understand the irony.

It’s been rather warm lately (mid 80’s) and my cat is miserable. Here he is plastered against the wall trying to find just a tiny piece of cool floor or wall to give him some relief. Silly cat…

Someone at church was handing out tomato plants earlier this year. I feel bad that I pretty much killed mine. I think it’s because I don’t have a garden to plant it in and my patio doesn’t get enough sunlight. I thought the plant was completely dead when one day it sprouted tiny tomatoes. I waited for them to get a bit bigger. Because I have no idea what type of tomatoes these are supposed to be, I don’t know how big they were supposed to get or if they were supposed to turn red. But they easily came off the vine today so I ate them. The two tiny ones weren’t ripe yet but the biggest one tasted great!

Now I want to grow tomato plants so that I can eat my own tomatoes. It was highly satisfying to eat these three tiny tomatoes, even though it’s the only produce I grew this year. I do hope to cultivate a garden someday.

Anyways, just a few of the tiny things I’ve been up to lately. Nothing insightful, just day to day life!

Good news!

I didn’t post yesterday because it was my husband’s birthday and our seventh wedding anniversary. Yes, on the same day. It was not intentional! We eloped and happened to have that day off work. But my husband likes to tease me and say that it’s “all Cassandra, all the time.” He says our anniversasry overrode his birthday. Plus, my birthday is only six days after his. We have all of our fun at the same time!

The vet called today with the results of Bruno’s urinalysis. Everything was normal! So far, Bruno has been an angel, no marking. I know it’s still too early to tell if it will be permanent, but I am cleaning like crazy to avoid him marking places he used to mark. Hopefully that will help. Our house is slowly starting to look less scary under the blacklight.

Not much else is going on. Since Bruno doesn’t have to go back to the vet anytime soon, maybe we’ll be able to afford an ironing board out of our next paycheck. Then I can start quilting again! Oh how I miss it.

Hub’s is working so I’m going to reply to a few emails. Ta-ta!

Sabbath rest

Today was a lovely day. It rained, sprinkled, misted, and rained some more. I’m not sure I’ll still be saying this after several months in Washington, but I love this weather!

We stayed home today and relaxed, watching over Bruno to make sure he’s ok after his surgery yesterday. One of the beautiful side effects of his pain medication is sleepiness. His sleepiness allowed us to sleep more than normal, since he wasn’t trying to get us up at 4AM. I think I slept almost 11 hours straight last night and needed every minute of it.

I continued on the Bible in 90 Days reading plan. Today I read a large chunk of Ezekiel. I have some thoughts on this session but I’m not sure I’m ready to write a post about it. It’s a lot of reading every day and I am looking forward to finishing. Then I can spend more time studying something in the Bible rather than racing through it.

And, this may be crazy, but I am contemplating participating in National Novel Writing Month. I haven’t decided yet. It’s next month and I won’t be done with the Bible in 90 Days reading until right before Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if I should add writing a novel in 30 days to my plate but I am tempted. Still pondering that one…

Well, I’m off to give Bruno his pain meds and then to read for a bit before bed. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Cat Saga: Home Again

Image Source: Cheezburger

Bruno is back from the vet, a bit altered. My poor baby! He’s shaved on both his front legs and at the surgery location. He’s still groggy but the procedure defintely did not affect his appetite. How are we supposed to keep him from eating everything in the house?

Hopefully this helps his behavior. The vet said it could take a couple weeks before he stops marking. I guess we will deal with that if/when it becomes an issue.

In the meantime, I am waiting for a phone call from the vet on Monday. He said there were some concerning abnormalities in Bruno’s urinalysis and he’ll let me know what’s going on once the full results are available. I will be praying all weekend for my beloved kitty.

Cat saga continues

Today I called the veterinarian and asked when we could schedule Bruno for being neutered. They said tomorrow morning! We are supposed to drop him off at 8AM, no food or water after 10 tonight. I’m sure that will be fun, as Bruno is used to having his food dish available. We measure his food but he rarely polishes off the bowl before the next meal.

This afternoon, I drove over to PetsMart and picked up a black light. Boy oh boy. I have a lot of cleaning to do. If you want to believe your house is truly clean, don’t buy a black light. Gross.

I really hope neutering him either eliminates or lowers his need to demonstrate inappropriate elimination. Another gross. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

Why don’t they stay this cute?

Cat Troubles

Even though it’s technically Thursday… since I haven’t gone to bed yet, this counts as Wednesday’s post, right?

I’m wondering if anyone who reads my blog has experience with cats spraying. Our cat is getting neutered next week but we’re struggling in the meantime. He sprays when he gets stressed or feels ignored. He gets plenty of one on one interaction with both of us but he’s extremely clingy since he was hand raised.

I know we’ve got some training to do after he gets neutered. Right now, my issue is what to do when I can see that he’s getting ready to mark something. Spray him with water? Distract him with a game? Ignore him? It seems anything I’ve tried results in a very temporary distraction and he’s back to the initial marking attempt within 10 minutes.

He’s not letting us sleep at night because he constantly wants attention. My husband is working on an intense project right now and has been up until three or four in the morning lately. So the cat is already really confused about when it’s nighttime and when it’s daytime. If I go to bed while Jeff is working, Bruno comes downstairs and makes noise or sprays until I get up. But if Jeff goes to bed and I get up to keep Bruno from making noise, he lets Jeff sleep. So frustrating!

I love this cat, won’t get rid of him, but need to figure out a solution to the spraying. I have a feeling we’ll be hiring a feline behaviorist for a consultation if neutering doesn’t fix the issue entirely.

Barely Sick Day #4

Today I feel almost normal! My biggest problem is exhaustion. I am so tired and have no staying power. But at least my headache is almost gone and my sinuses are clearing up! Hurray!

I had a few books due soon at the library so we made a quick jaunt last night. I was able to pick up two of my Fall Into Reading books but couldn’t locate the third. The catalog said it was available but it wasn’t on the shelf.

In addition to the challenge books, I picked up several other Christian novels that are on my to-read list. Every month, when the Nightstand link up is posted, my to-read list grows. I am determined that it will shrink this month!

I also dug around in my craft bins and found some leftover pink yarn. I started the kitty blanket! After all, every cat needs a hot pink blanket, right?

Of course, the real reason we left the house last night is that we ran out of cat food. Our cats are demanding eaters and I know they would be crying if they didn’t get dinner. So we picked out a new cat food per vet’s orders. Do you know how hard it is to find a cat food with no fish? We exhausted almost their entire shelf before finding a natural food with no grains and no fish. What a difficult combination!

We couldn’t help but bring home a new cat toy. Is this creepy or just realistic?

If I catch a glimpse of this toy out of the corner of my eye, I wonder what the cat dragged in and left in the middle of the living room floor. It’s a catnip toy and our older cat seems to love it. Our cats are so spoiled!

Hubby got paid today so we’re off to the yarn store to pick up some supplies for a couple Christmas presents. I sure hope my family likes handmade gifts!

A bit of randomness

Vegan frankfurters

Bruno goes crazy for honeysuckle

Surveying his kingdom

Quinoa Taco Salad – Very yummy!

Overzealous at the library?

Reorganized temporary bookshelf

And in other random news… nope, still no bed. We are going to Sears tonight to (hopefully!) exchange the current air mattress.

Because I have been remiss in posting this, here it is. December 1941 by Craig Shirley. I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. Terrible editing that yanks you out of the narrative. A supposedly inaccurate portrayal of history. I stopped reading the book half way through because of all the criticisms of historical accuracy. If I am going to study history, I am going to study accurate material. I’ll be sending this book to my father-in-law, who is a retired history professor to see what he thinks of it. Thank you to Booksneeze for gifting me the copy in exchange for my honest opinion. Sorry I can’t recommend it!

I have to end this post with a more positive note. What is more entertaining than a picture of my silly kitty?

Nap time!

The monster in the corner

I am optimistic.

Jeff thinks I am crazy.


Meet the only piece of furniture in our house:

I have high hopes that our kitties will learn to use and abuse this cat tree before we buy new furniture. In Phoenix, our furniture was ratty because the cats used it as a scratching post. My hopes are that they will leave the (future) new furniture alone!

Both cats are still getting used to the monster in the corner. Both have approached it, sniffed the bottom level, and then walked off. Once the newness wears off, they will hopefully enjoy their newfound ability to stare out the window!