Glimpses of Beauty

I am so glad it’s almost Sabbath! I am grateful that there is one day a week that I can relax from all of my hard work. I get caught up in the stresses of the week, always feeling like I’m not accomplishing enough. Yet what is the definition of “enough” and how do I determine if I’ve reached it? I keep reminding myself to slow down and live in the moment. That’s where these glimpses of beauty posts come from. They are my efforts at slowing down and noticing the beauty around me.

“Healthy” ramen

I’m not sure that ramen normally qualifies as beautiful! But this particular bowl was so pretty that I had to photograph it. I joked to my daughter that her ramen tonight was so colorful that it must be healthy. I made her a big bowl of sesame ramen with bell pepper, enoki mushrooms, king mushrooms, and bok choy.

A rainy day

The past few weeks have been so hot! Thursday was a breath of fresh air. The temperature dropped almost 20 degrees and we were blessed with a full day of rain. I woke up and immediately felt like I was coming back to life. I love rainy weather, the coolness of the air and the smell of the rain. I had perfect timing for Thursday’s walk. On the way back to my house, it started misting. Thirty minutes later, it was pouring.

Just a drop

The rain left traces of itself this morning. It’s now warm and dry but this morning was still just a touch wet. I love how this flower was holding on to a raindrop.


I have no idea what kind of berries these are but they are pretty! I’m pretty sure these are the same berries that were woven into the Christmas wreath I bought last year.

Illumination Apricot

This beautiful flower lives on my front porch. I’ve been a bit negligent in my watering this summer but some of the flowers are hardy. This plant has been blooming often over the past few weeks and I just love the colors!

A foretaste of autumn

Is it autumn yet? My favorite season is autumn. Cooler temperatures. Rain. Golden leaves. My birthday! Pumpkins. Pumpkin spice everything! Mochas. Hoodies. Fireplace and s’mores. This morning I even smelled a neighbor’s fireplace! I cannot wait for autumn to arrive.

These are a few of the glimpses of beauty I found this week. What beauties did you notice as you were going about your day?

2 Thoughts on “Glimpses of Beauty

  1. I so enjoyed your glimpses of beauty post — it gives such a simple way to slow down and notice the beauty around us. And you’ve caught some lovelies this week with your camera. What a pretty apricot rose.

    We had a good cooling off rain yesterday. The air will be so fresh now. And, this morning dawns with sunshine again.

    I’ve always loved autumn and it was always my favourite season — for the coolness, the wild beauty of colour, the screeching of the bluejays, the smoke in the air, warm sweaters, heavier blankets (they are cozier), to name a few. Although, I’m changing my tune on that somewhat. You see, I’m coming to the place where I can’t say I have a top favourite season right now. I find myself truly anticipating and enjoying every season now as it comes. I find that interesting about myself.

    I wish you a beautiful weekend,
    Brenda xox

  2. Beautiful post, Cassandra! I have to stop and list the things I’m thankful for often, too.

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