The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Day 1

I’ve seen The Simple Woman’s Daybook in a number of blogs but had never actually thought about participating. This week I thought I’d join in the fun.

Outside my window… a beautiful Arizona sunset.

I am thinking… that Sabbath is almost here!

I am thankful for… Sabbath. I love the opportunity to spend an entire day with God without worrying about the daily stresses.

From the kitchen… We are having sub sandwiches tonight with tons of fresh veggies, followed by leftovers from yesterday’s homemade pumpkin pie.

I am wearing… A green skirt and a purple top. Yes, I know I don’t match. Our AC is still broken so I’m wearing t-shirts instead of my normal attire.

I am creating… Nothing at the moment.

I am going… To have sundown worship after finishing this blog post.

I am reading… The Well Trained Mind. Hopefully I’ll have it finished up this weekend so I can start something new!

I am hoping… That my kitty will stay healthy.

I am hearing… My husband play his DDR game.

Around the house… It is peaceful after the organizing I tackled yesterday.

One of my favorite things… Friends!

A few plans for the rest of the week… Tomorrow is the Sabbath so we’ll be going to church and relaxing with God. I’ll be reading a Christian book tomorrow afternoon, but I have not yet picked out which one.

Usually the daybook also includes a picture for thought, but I have no pictures to post right now.

I hope everyone has a restful time with the Lord this weekend!

5 Thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Day 1

  1. I have seen this daybook around the blogosphere too. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The daybook is fun! Hope you are having a great day today – sounds like it. What a blessing to take the entire day to rest!

    We use the Well Trained Mind for our schooling in a relaxed manner with changes.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  3. LaVonne, it was fun! You'd enjoy it. 🙂

    Amy, I had fun with it! The Well Trained Mind is a very interesting read but I feel it's extremely overwhelming. That's a lot of work! I'm curious about what changes you've implemented.

  4. Cassandra,

    I enjoyed reading your daybook thoughts. I think you should do them more often. 🙂


    -Lady Rose

  5. Thank you, Lady Rose. 🙂

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