Glimpses of Beauty

Two weeks ago I decided to intentionally search for glimpses of beauty during my week. I had so much fun with it and I was reminded to take joy in the small things, to find beauty in the tiny moments. This week I followed the same practice and I want to share my photos with you.

First strawberry of the season

I’ve been growing strawberries for three years now, the first year with just two plants, then with three, and this year I have four strawberry plants growing in my patio garden. I have a limited amount of space but I love picking and eating sun-warmed strawberries. This is the biggest strawberry I’ve grown yet. It was a bit tart but oh so good!


Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that this Appleblossom Begonia has survived! When I ordered plants from my daughter’s school plant sale, I bit off way more than I could chew. This flower has outgrown its temporary pot but I haven’t had the energy to repot it yet. I’ll get it moved soon because the flower is gorgeous!

Kitty stickers!

I love stationary! Pens, stickers, notebooks, post-it notes, markers. And I’ve now figured out a use for washi tape! My favorite Etsy shop is VVVStudio, a stationary shop in Taipei, Taiwan. She offers free shipping to anywhere in the world and has such cute stationary! These cat stickers arrived this week. When I looked up the link for her shop to include in this post, I found that she’d recently added bookmarks! Now I have another order on the way!

Paneer Pizza

My lovely hubby ordered pizza this week when I was having a really rough afternoon. There’s something wonderful about being able to serve your family amazingly delicious food that you didn’t have to cook. The paneer pizza from Mo:Mo is now my favorite delivery pizza. I had no idea a pizza could be so tasty.


My daughter is a high school graduate!! She wrapped up school last week and the school hosted a senior recognition ceremony on Tuesday evening. Graduation was definitely a moment of joy for our entire family. I am so proud of her!

These are my glimpses of beauty for this week. What about you? Where did you find beauty and joy this week? I’d love to hear from you!

One Thought on “Glimpses of Beauty

  1. I so enjoyed your glimpses of beauty. Enjoyed the photos and accompanying stories. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation from high school. It is such a milestone.

    We tried strawberries but so far, we haven’t been successful. We’re thinking maybe of creating a small raised bed for a few plants. You mention you now have four plants in your collection. That seems a nice number to start with. Next year.

    That appleblossom begonia is gorgeous. I hope you find a good spot for her. And, doesn’t the pizza looks delicious! We ordered a pizza last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our first food that we hadn’t cooked ourselves since Covid started around here. So it was a true treat. I know how you must have felt too.

    Wishing you many more glimpses of heaven in unexpected places,
    Brenda xox

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