Grandpa and Grandma and I

I am back from the funeral and slowly recovering from the travel and stress of the past three weeks. While in Wyoming, I really enjoyed sitting at Grandma’s kitchen table with our family, going through photo albums and reminiscing. I brought home a few old photos and wanted to share two of my favorites.

This is one of the last photos taken of my brother, grandmother, grandfather and I together.

This, as far as I know, is the very first photo taken of my grandparents and I.

I’m so glad that I still have my grandmother in my life but I will surely miss my grandfather. I can’t wait to see him in heaven someday.

6 Thoughts on “Grandpa and Grandma and I

  1. You all look wonderful! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  2. What special photographs to have!

  3. What treasures. I hope that you are coming through this tough time OK.

  4. Great memories.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a blessing to have those photographs and wonderful memories.

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