The start of something new

Way back, our social worker suggested that she approve us for two girls on our home study. We applied and were matched with Z. We kept looking for that second girl and found her in January. We asked for permission to add Jenny (not her real name) to our adoption but the agency in Taiwan said no. We decided it wasn’t God’s will for us at the time but prayed that God would find her a family if we weren’t supposed to bring her home later as our second daughter.

When we received news that our adoption had been cancelled, we contacted the agency who is advocating for Jenny. “Has she found a family yet?” She has not. “Does she want to be adopted?” Yes! She has asked if she has been matched with a family yet.

Well, today we signed with her agency to try to bring Jenny home. We’re praying that God will continue to open doors if this is His will or to let us know if we’re on the wrong path. I can’t wait to see where He leads. If Jenny does get matched with our family and agrees to be adopted, we’ll have quite a story to share with her someday.

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  1. We have three adopted little girls in our family. Two were from a couple social services found living on the streets in our town in a car. The parents refused to find employment to provide safe housing for their children. Their lack of concern for their babies netted us two treasures. They will be lovingly reared in a wealthy family and receive college educations plus. Good luck on your journey to adoption.

  2. I will be praying for this! Im glad the social worker approved you for two.

  3. Praying that you will be matched with Jenny and you will be able to bring her home.

  4. I hope this was God's plan all along. The fact that she is actually wanting a family is a good sign.

  5. I am very proud of you both. Your bravery is encouraging to me and inspiring to others. Press on, my friend! Press on!

  6. How exciting!

    I'm sorry the other adoption didn't work out.

    I believe God will honour your heart in adoption.

  7. I'm so glad you have chosen to continue, doors open and close, we sometimes don't know why until much later. Continue to trust Him!;)

  8. A door closes, another opens.

    Praying for you and Jenny.

  9. Oh I'm just teary-eyed! You both inspire me! You have my prayer support.

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