96 business days!?!?

I know I’ve been posting a lot about the adoption lately but it’s the primary focus in our lives right now! We have lots to do now so that we can sit and wait for approvals later.

Yesterday we went to Walgreens and got passport photos taken. My husband just needs a passport renewal so he was able to mail off his application. I’m applying for my first passport so my process is a bit more involved. I have to order a copy of my birth certificate in order to submit my passport application. I also need a birth certificate for our home study.

96 business days.

Yes. The wait time for my birth certificate is currently 96 business days.

I am not happy. I thought our home study would get held up waiting for our FBI clearances. We have appointments to get fingerprinted on Tuesday. Instead, our home study is probably going to be waiting for a certified copy of my birth certificate! Now I wish I had ordered one earlier.

While we hurry up and wait, I’ve continued my deep cleaning. Our kitchen is now spotless! I scrubbed everything. I cleaned out the cupboards and decluttered and reorganized. I scrubbed the fridge. And the oven. And the floor. It’s so pretty!

Is this the adoption version of nesting? I don’t have much money to spend on making our home pretty or buying things for our daughter. Right now, almost all of our money is getting deposited into the adoption fund. Once that is fully funded, then we can make the house pretty. We did set aside a bit of money to buy a cheap entertainment center, as our modem and blu-ray player and Wii are all sitting on the floor. We’re also going shopping Sunday for a cheap floor lamp for our bedroom and a trash can for the pantry. Stuff we’d been doing without but now want to have so that we can show the social worker that our home is more inviting. Little things, but I think they’ll make a big difference.

I’m guessing that April is when we’ll be able to start buying furniture and clothes and such for our daughter. Our daughter. I just love those words. 🙂

2 Thoughts on “96 business days!?!?

  1. 96 business days??? That is crazy! I wonder if they get an hour for lunch like the U.S Embassy too. I can't think there are that many people in any given town requesting such a thing.

  2. Not to give you false hope… but my experience is usually – now usually the time estimates are generous and they don't actually take that long. Here is hoping it comes sooner.

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