Blessings in disguise

We have been finding a LOT of spiders in our house lately. I had the unfortunate experience of sorting laundry on two separate occasions and seeing a spider scurry out from our laundry pile. Yup, we are definitely in need of a closed hamper. At that moment, it was confirmed that I scream like a girl.

Yesterday, Jeff called our pest control company and told them we’re starting to see an influx of spiders. Our normally scheduled visit is in about three weeks. They said they would come out today and spray for us. Yay!

When they got here, our bug guy sprayed really well and said that we might be seeing a few more spiders since it is prime spider season here. On the way out the door, he said this visit counted as a return visit instead of a normally scheduled one. Our pest control company has a policy that if they have to return and spray a second time, the visit is free. I assumed we’d be paying in full since we have a visit coming up next month. Nope!

What a blessing. Today we started the paperchasing process of the home study and the free pest control visit freed up $80 for other things. Like passport photos. And certified birth certificates. Yup, we’re definitely chasing that paper now!

2 Thoughts on “Blessings in disguise

  1. Too bad you couldn't send the spiders here. We are having an ant attack. They come in big groups!
    Happy paper-work!

  2. Let the chase commence! So exciting 🙂 🙂

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