Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I don’t know if these are the world’s healthiest chocolate chip cookies but they sure are good!

My husband bought me one of these lovelies last week.

A box for me?

No, silly! A box within a box!

So far I love it! I’ve used it to make toast, garlic bread, homemade cookies, frozen pie, frozen vegan mac&cheese, and spring rolls. Next week, I hope to attempt a loaf of bread in the toaster oven. I’m hoping it will save money over the long run and keep the kitchen cooler this summer. I love Washington but we have no air conditioning for those rare 90 degree days!

Have you used a toaster oven to cook anything unusual?

3 Thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  1. I figured out how to make some yummy grilled cheese toast but the instructions and all those buttons are in Japanese.

  2. I had a toaster oven when I lived in Japan. That's a long time ago but if memory is correct the only restrictions I found were the physical size of the oven. Happy baking.

  3. Nothing unusual, but my toaster oven is really handy. Mmm… cinnamon toast.
    And yes, I've already started refilling the emergency fund 🙂

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