August – a month of knitting

Because of life happening over the past few months (strange, isn’t it?), I haven’t had the energy or motivation to commit to a thirty day challenge. Now that we are getting settled in Washington, I’m eager to begin a new challenge. I did not plan ahead at all, just thought of things that I’m already doing but could focus and push myself on. I needed a challenge that does not require any money, thus the need to be creative with what I already own. What better project to tackle than my knitting?

I am going to spend some time every day for next thirty days pushing my knitting knowledge and skills past their current limits. At this point, I do not want to commit to a certain amount of time, but I will pick up my knitting every single day.

Here’s what I have on my needles right now:

Moss Shawl
My moss bordered shawl is currently 26 inches long. The goal is to reach 35 inches and then add the rest of the border.

Baby washcloth
I have made this dishcloth pattern before. However, this one is on smaller needles. Hopefully it turns out well!

Upcoming project – fingerless mittens

This is my challenging project for the month – fingerless mittens. Thus far, I have only knitted flat items: a scarf, a partial shawl, and several washclothes/dishclothes. The mittens will stretch my knitting to a new level and I’m excited to try!

I only know three knitters “in real life,” but two live in Michigan and one in California. I would love to meet other knitters online! Want to connect with me on Ravelry?


2 Thoughts on “August – a month of knitting

  1. I used to knit. I knitted several sweaters plus scarves, etc. I started a "cable and leaf" afghan that I never finished. I got into crocheting, too, as well as latch-hook, cross-stitch, and crewel embroidery. I was quite domesticated, I guess. 🙂

  2. I attempted knitting. Twice.

    Then I decided to be honest with myself!

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