My first attempts at gardening

Until now, I’ve never recevied a housewarming gift. What a wonderful surprise! My brother and his sweet wife sent us a wonderful gift, one that we were very excited to receive.

Pizza in a bag!

The bag on the left is basil, followed by cherry tomatoes in the center, and oregano on the right. When these sprout, I can make homemade pizza with herbs and tomatoes grown on my own counter.

I can’t believe that a tomato plant grows from just these tiny seeds!

The instructions state that the bags are to be covered in plastic wrap. I don’t have any plastic wrap so I had to improvise; I cut up a produce bag and used that instead!

In 7-10 days, I should see the beginnings of life. I am very excited about container and patio gardening and these bags represent the first tiny sprouts of that new venture. Our very own home grown produce. I can’t wait!

3 Thoughts on “My first attempts at gardening

  1. Very cool! I just love the smell of fresh herbs, especially basil!

  2. Me too! I've never had fresh oregano before. I really look forward to tasting it.

  3. What a neat idea! Can't wait to see how they come along.

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