Fast week!

I’ve been feeling contemplative all this week but haven’t yet felt like I could share online. I’m slowly figuring out what is most important to me and reorganize my time around those priorities.

One change I’ve made this week involves my weekly room assignments. I designate one weekday to each room in our house. That’s where I will concentrate my housekeeping efforts on that day, though the entire apartment will get a quick pick up/vacuum almost every day. Fridays are always busy because I’m prepping for the Sabbath, making sure we have church clothes, a meal for Sabbath afternoon, a tidy house, and that all has to be complete by sundown. Come sundown, my work week is over and I’m ready for the Sabbath.

Prior to this week, I would clean the bathroom on Friday. While it’s not labor intensive, it does take time to thoroughly clean the mirrors, sink, toilet, floor, and shower. Cleaning the bathroom, on top of my normal Friday activities, always seemed so hectic. This week, I decided to clean the bathroom on Thursday. Wow! That made a huge difference on how rushed I felt today. I was able to take my time with each chore, cook, clean out the fridge, wash and put away the laundry, and tidy the apartment. It was such a nice change, one that I will definitely be making permanent.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’m off to tend to our supper and relax.

One Thought on “Fast week!

  1. I so need to do better on my Sabbath preparation!

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