30 day challenge – get dressed!

I find it interesting how timing works. You see a mention of something specific in an email and then again a day or so later in a blog post. The two information sources are completely unrelated and yet they mention the same specific idea.

First my brother emailed me this video:

Then, I read a post on The Modest Mom about a 30 day Get Dressed! challenge. What a perfect start to the idea of 30 day challenges. I don’t know about you, but being a housewife and not being required to see anyone most days allows me to dress down as much as I want. Fun, yes. Attractive, no. I spend most days in workout clothes or a denim skirt and t-shirt. I’m sure my husband would appreciate it if I looked nicer!

So, my first 30 day challenge – get dressed! Every day. All day. I will wear a skirt and a sweater/blouse, or a dress, and take a few minutes to style my hair. Some days I’ll even put on some lipstick.

Want to join me?

The Get Dressed Challenge!

One Thought on “30 day challenge – get dressed!

  1. I need this challenge! I struggle with this everyday:( Who would have guessed… a get dressed challenge. It really is true that we should put our best foot forward for those we love. This is going to be FUN! Thanks for sharing ♥

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