Menu Plan Monday

I am SO happy that I am finally feeling normal. In fact, I was feeling so normal last night that I ran 4.18 miles. Now I’m a bit sore but it’s a good feeling.

We actually ended up with too many meals planned this week and I’ll have to prioritize what I’m cooking. It’s so nice to have options.

Monday – Spaghetti
Tuesday – Garlic ginger noodles (new recipe)
Wednesday – Tacos
Thursday – I will be attempting sushi for the first time but not sure what to make with it. Miso soup/gyoza/soba noodles/or…
Friday – Thai Green Curry (new recipe)
Sabbath lunch – 8 minute vegan enchiladas (new recipe)
Sabbath dinner – Homemade pizza

Writing up our menu is making me hungry!

4 Thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Sounds good!

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  3. I would love your extra DVD/book copy! Where would you like me to email you my address? Thanks so much…that is awesome!

  4. You are a home maker? Awesome! That is so cool!

    Also that menu looks good.

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