Flexibility, cookies, and a sick kitty

I had grandiose plans for today. Haha. Best laid plans? There’s a text somewhere in the New Testament that talks about people making plans and how they should say “IF the Lord wills, we will do such and such.” That was basically my morning.

Hubby has been working late nights and I’ve been staying up to keep him company. I think last night we went to bed around 11. I woke up at 6 and stumbled out to the living room. After nearly falling asleep just sitting on the couch, I decided I needed to go back to bed. I promptly passed out for another two hours.

After getting up, hubby was immersed in phone calls with clients. During that time, I ensure that the clients can’t hear me in the background. That means I don’t have much I can do. I can either read or do something on the computer or… that’s about it.

Around 10:30, I finally got my chance to make cookies. Yay! The batter mixed up really well. It smelled great. It baked nicely. And… my peanut butter cookies didn’t taste like they contained peanut butter. They were pretty good, just not peanut butter cookies. Some of the reviews mentioned that, but other people said they tasted great. I will either have to continue looking for the perfect peanut butter cookie or tweak this one so it tastes like peanut butter.

I realized how poor some of the quality of our ingredients is. The cookies are supposed to be sugar free, other than what is in the tiny bit of maple syrup. My cookies were not sugar free. The maple syrup (fake, cheap stuff) contained high fructose corn syrup. The almond milk had added sugar (I didn’t know that!). And the peanut butter had added sugar! I thought I had bought a natural peanut butter without added sugar. I guess not… So much for sugar free cookies!

My kitty is sick, I think. He’s been hot to the touch since yesterday. He’s extremely clingy and really likes sleeping on my pillow when I’m in the bedroom. Poor baby. 🙁 He’s eating a bit less than normal, but still eating. I’m just going to watch him and see if he gets better on his own. I really don’t want to take him to the vet and get him shot up with medication. Hubby reassured me that we will spend money to take him to the vet if it comes to that. I just want him to feel better!

I hope this post doesn’t sound all doom and gloom, because I did have a good day. It just wasn’t what I expected!

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