A Month of Knitting – Week 1

The first week of my knitting challenge is already complete. I knitted every day! Some days were more productive than others, but I knitted at least two rows each day. As the rows keep getting longer, each row takes 10-15 minutes depending on if it is knit or purl.

I had hoped to work on more than one project but my shawl is so close to completion that I’m pushing myself to finish it before starting another.

Bruno supervising my shawl

32″ complete

Three inches left to go

I should be able to complete the body of the shawl this week. Then I just have to add the rest of the border. Today was chilly and I could have used my shawl when we visited the mall. I’m excited about being so close to the end!

August – a month of knitting

Because of life happening over the past few months (strange, isn’t it?), I haven’t had the energy or motivation to commit to a thirty day challenge. Now that we are getting settled in Washington, I’m eager to begin a new challenge. I did not plan ahead at all, just thought of things that I’m already doing but could focus and push myself on. I needed a challenge that does not require any money, thus the need to be creative with what I already own. What better project to tackle than my knitting?

I am going to spend some time every day for next thirty days pushing my knitting knowledge and skills past their current limits. At this point, I do not want to commit to a certain amount of time, but I will pick up my knitting every single day.

Here’s what I have on my needles right now:

Moss Shawl
My moss bordered shawl is currently 26 inches long. The goal is to reach 35 inches and then add the rest of the border.

Baby washcloth
I have made this dishcloth pattern before. However, this one is on smaller needles. Hopefully it turns out well!

Upcoming project – fingerless mittens

This is my challenging project for the month – fingerless mittens. Thus far, I have only knitted flat items: a scarf, a partial shawl, and several washclothes/dishclothes. The mittens will stretch my knitting to a new level and I’m excited to try!

I only know three knitters “in real life,” but two live in Michigan and one in California. I would love to meet other knitters online! Want to connect with me on Ravelry?