Free date!

My husband and I don’t really go out on traditional “dates.” We’ve never really had the money to spend on activities. Instead, we’ve been content to stay at home and watch a movie (Netflix is cheap!) or play board games.

While driving to work one day, hubby noticed the Phoenix Art Museum. I went online to find out how much admission costs and discovered they have free admission every Tuesday evening! Date night!

Two Tuesdays ago, we drove over to the Museum. Sure enough, there was free admission for the general public. We spent a little over two hours wandering through the exhibits. We quickly walked around the 43rd Annual Cowboy Artists of America Exhibit. Some of those paintings had absolutely gorgeous skies!

We spent a lot of time in the European painting exhibit. This was my favorite painting of the evening:

The display said that it was a George Romney painting titled Anne Birch. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on the internet about this particular painting.

We’re planning on visit the Art Museum next month for this exhibit. Not only is the museum free on Tuesdays, but it’s a creative, mind stimulating, and fun date. Now I’m on the lookout for other places that have free admission!

Where is that recipe?

My Bible study group was discussing Thanksgiving plans. None of them have family locally and they can’t afford to travel this year. Someone suggested that we all go to a buffet that day.

Well… I’m from Wyoming. I’m also old fashioned. In my mind, you just don’t go out to eat on Thanksgiving! You go over to someone’s house, or have people come over to yours, and eat a really tasty homemade meal. I called the Bible study host and asked her if I could cook for everyone. Since I’m at home, I have the time to prepare a meal for 6-8 people provided I don’t have to cook a turkey! I’m vegetarian and have no idea how to cook meat. 🙂 Everyone thought that was a great idea, so now I’m looking for ideas.

I spent almost an hour going through a bag of recipes. Some of the recipes were typed on a typewriter, others torn from a magazine, but I was looking for one particular handwritten recipe – these really yummy oatmeal muffins that my mom used to make. I didn’t find the recipe. When I talked to my mom later, she suggested I search the web, that it was an old recipe from a Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook.

Silly me… I have that cookbook!

I think I’ll bake a test run this weekend, see if they taste as good as I remember.

The start of something new

I have procrastinated writing my first post. I’ve been putting pressure on myself to say something profound, to make sure that my first entry is perfect, before hitting the Publish button.

However, I’m not perfect. I’m just a Christian woman, a wife, seeking to please the Lord and my husband.

Six weeks ago, my employer called me into a conference room and told me that I was being laid off. I was relieved. It was an odd feeling, considering I’d been working there for four and a half years. That job was my entry into the “real world,” making me subject to real corporate drama, real annual reviews, and a real hard look at what matters.

However, I wasn’t happy working there. The job was good, the pay was good, but I never felt like I was making a difference. For a long time, I’ve wanted to be a wife, a homemaker, and eventually a mom.

Three and a half years ago, I met my husband. We had a brief courtship and married in October of 2005. Up until six weeks ago, I was working full time while trying to balance cooking, cleaning, and the growing desire to be at home. Being laid off was an answer to prayer. We prayed about it and my husband decided that I could stay home and be a full time homemaker.

This blog is about my thoughts and adventures in learning to be a homemaker, a better wife, and a Christian. I aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman, looking well to the ways of my household. I have a lot to learn. With the Lord’s help, I can fulfill my calling to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Thanks for joining me in the journey.