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Today I met with a couple of dear friends over coffee and we had a thought provoking discussion. The nice thing about being an introvert is that when you get together with someone who is open to deep discussions, you can skip a lot of the small talk and dive into thought provoking topics.

One of my friends asked me what my dreams are. Over the last two years or so, I’ve completely stopped planning for the future. Our adoption and parenting journey has been so rocky that the future is unpredictable. I could make plans at this point but it is highly unlikely that they would come to fruition. There’s just too much trauma and the effects of trauma in our home.

In addition to a lack of planning for the future, I’ve forgotten how to dream. Because I feel so out of control in regards to the day to day, I don’t know how (and lack the emotional energy) to dream about the future. We have to parent based on our daughter’s current emotional status and that leaves little room for planning.

But maybe I should start dreaming again. Maybe that will provide some hope in the day to day. I worry that dreaming again will frustrate me if I feel like the dreams are completely out of reach. But maybe they will be motivational to make some changes and encourage me to control the things I can control.

I’m not sure if anyone is reading my blog anymore but I want to start posting again. Maybe sending my thoughts out into the world will help me connect with others. As my friend Julie says, we need to be willing to ask. So here goes – I need bosom friends. Maybe my words will touch someone and we’ll share our thoughts about life. If not, at least I started reaching out again. That is encouraging.

2 Thoughts on “Thoughts and dreams

  1. Margaret Stedman on August 24, 2018 at 2:06 am said:

    I check in our your blog – although I haven’t for the past month as I’ve been battling the “downs” myself. But I am really interested in how your family is progressing and often think of your girls and their settling in. Like you I don’t have many dreams for the future – I’m stuck with work (for economic reasons) and care of my elderly almost-blind mother (siblings are not around or willing to help). I sometimes dream of a longed for trip to the United Kingdom – a dream since I was around 13 years old- but I suspect it may remain just a dream as Mother’s care will have to take priority . You sound so much stronger in your faith than I. So often I am frustrated and resentful and forget to be grateful for what I do have. Thanks for your blog and it’s encouragement to me

  2. I have a difficult time planning for the future as well. 5 kids , one getting married, one an adult exploring his career, and 3 more. I think that not really dreaming for the future is part of parenting and then when your children are unique what you do is dream they will have a successful and happy life while you are putting time to help them heal. Maybe you can make short term goals for yourself and your husband even if it is just a day trip while your child is at school or just doing something relaxing for yourself. It really hard to dream about the future or make any plans when you are trying to survive and get to the next moment I. The day.

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