Writers block

I want to start writing on my blog again. But when I pull up the page to start writing, I freeze. This blog was started just so that I could reach out to and make friends with other Christian women. Then I adopted a couple years ago, so I thought I would write about older child adoption and parenting.

Now I’m not sure where I should go with it. I’m not driven by reader statistics, though it’s nice to know people visit once and then return. Most of my day to day updates are on Facebook. But I miss writing.

My challenge is to treat writing as self-care, not to turn it into a chore or a to-do list item. During my last therapy session, we talked a lot about self-care, about what qualifies as self-care and what is actually an obligation. My blog can turn into an obligation but it doesn’t have to be.

So to combat the writers block, I’m putting this out there just to say hi to whoever comes across it. Leave me a comment and say hi, maybe tell me something interesting about your day. Hopefully writing this one post will get the creative juices flowing again. It’s a very dry well but there’s hope.

2 Thoughts on “Writers block

  1. Margaret Stedman on October 10, 2017 at 11:46 pm said:

    I love to hear how you are doing. Your life is very different to mine but the same Heavenly Father watches over us and guides, protects and blesses us. Hoping you will put snippets up occasionally.

  2. Hi, Cassandra. I’m always encouraged to hear from you, whether frequently or less so. I’ve found myself updating Facebook much more regularly than my blog as well – it’s easier to jot off a sentence or two rather than compose a full post. But, like you, I miss writing.

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