I don’t know how parents blog and parent. It seems like there is no time to do both! I used to get up before DoubleShot but she’s gotten very clingy. She senses if I am no longer in bed. Maybe 15 minutes after I get up, she comes dragging her blanket up the stairs and curls up on my lap to fall asleep again.

So my husband installed a WordPress app on my phone so that I can try writing shorter posts on the fly. We shall see if that will work until life settles down a bit more.

If anyone is still reading my blog, have a great weekend!

2 Thoughts on “MIA

  1. Mary Cline on October 31, 2015 at 8:21 am said:

    Glad to hear from you. Hopefully things will start to settle down for you. Happy to hear that Cin-Ru is feeling more comfortable that she wants to snuggle but I understand that it is hard to get things down with a 13 yr old sleeping on your lap. Makes a cute image though.

  2. Oh! ALL kids know exactly when their parents get out of bed and ZOOM into their presence. It’s some kind of inner child magic. It really does sound like everything is quite normal. Just — different!! I really believe that after 6 weeks of adjustment the panic of ‘the new” settles down a bit. But it’s a good year (or so) before you find your new groove. Parenting is a huge adjustment, isn’t it!? But you are doing well! Just gotta keep experimenting and find what works for you!

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