Five weeks home

We’ve now been home for five weeks. I can hardly believe it. Things have settled down this week, fewer outbursts and meltdowns. Since I already wrote twice about this week, there isn’t really anything else of note to talk about.

Last night we had a repeat of the previous evening’s “are you hungry?” experience. Only this time, I tried to deflect her question so that I wouldn’t be eating a late night snack. Unfortunately, she poked my stomach and it betrayed me with a gigantic rumble. When we came upstairs, DoubleShot told Jeff, “she hungry!”

So now I have been referred to as “hey” and “you” and “she.” Progress!

We went to bed late last night and everyone woke up early. We were getting ready to come upstairs a little after seven and heard DoubleShot stirring. When we glanced in her room, she offered a “hi!” She sounded ready to get up so we had her get dressed and come upstairs for breakfast. She was up an hour and a half earlier than normal so I have a feeling everyone will be dragging by this afternoon!

Five weeks home and we’re finding a rhythm. I look forward to seeing what the next week brings.

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