Paperwork galore

20 days until travel! 25 days until we meet our daughter!!

Today I finished gathering and copying and printing all of the paperwork we need for our visa appointment. I find it very ironic that she’s already legally our daughter and yet we have to bring almost an inch of paperwork to Taiwan.

This packet is on top of all of the court paperwork, her birth certificate and family registry, passports, etc. How many trees does it take to complete an adoption? Many, I am sure!

We get paid tomorrow and I have to make a copy of our pay stub to include in this packet. Once that’s done, we are ready for Taiwan! I can’t wait!

3 Thoughts on “Paperwork galore

  1. You are so organized! Cannot wait until you get your sweet girl!

  2. An adoptive mama ( left this comment on my post when I was in the middle of moving things over. Unfortunately, the comment didn’t get moved. I want to post it here because I thought it was great advice. Thank you, K!!

    “I’m so excited for you! I’ve been following your blog after you commented on mine. If you are open to advice, the only bit I’d give you is to keep things VERY, VERY, VERY simple and low-key. ONE coloring book, not three. Small box of colored pencils, not a big one. Imagine you are Christopher Columbus and you just sat in the driver’s seat of a car. Would anything make sense? Would he even know there was an ignition or a key? He wouldn’t even know what a seat belt is. Now, from that perspective, walk through your daughter’s room. How many toys, stuffed animals, books, etc. are there? Remember, kids on orphanages don’t get to make choices and suddenly doing so overwhelms them. Make sure your daughter won’t have to make very many choices. Even the clothes she wears has usually not ever been a choice for her.

    I wish you all the best and you are in my prayers. I’m very excited for you!”

    My response – Totally agreed and we’ll be going through her room before we leave, mainly to move out anything that will encourage her to hole up in her room. We want to encourage her to spend time in the living areas, not her bedroom. But keeping gifts down to a minimum is so hard for this mama, since my love language is gifts! I’m trying so hard not to go overboard. 🙂

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