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Our Skype call with Cin-Ru is tomorrow! I am super nervous but am looking forward to it. Just in case they ask me to say something in Chinese, I prepared a short introduction. This is my very first Chinese paragraph. I posted it on lang-8 for correction and only had to correct one sentence. Not bad for my first try!

我很高興認識你. 我叫Cassandra. 我三十二歲. 我是家庭主婦. 我非常喜歡看書. 你呢. 我學了一年的中文了. 不好意思. 我的中文不太好.

The above basically says: “I am very happy to meet you. I am Cassandra. I am 32 years old. I am a homemaker. I love to read books. What about you? I have been studying Chinese for one year. Sorry, my Chinese is bad.”

Hopefully she’ll be able to laugh at my attempts and it will help lighten the mood and allow her to open up to us.

20 hours and counting!

3 Thoughts on “Skype call

  1. Im glad the skype call is planned. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Hope all went well with your skype call today.

  3. Hope all went well. Good work with the zhongwan and hanzi.

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