December Goals – Wrap up

The last week and a half of December were a complete wash as far as decluttering went. Our house is cleaner than it was but I still have plenty of work to do. I’m on the hold list at the library to borrow The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up but it will definitely be awhile before it is available. I am hold number 125 on 73 copies of the book. Hopefully soon. A friend of mine said it’s a wonderful book and that her house is now cleaner than it’s been in years!

My Chinese studies have made some progress but slowed down over the holidays. I fell behind on my flashcards half way through my MIL’s visit, which was expected. No grammar progress this week but I’m still thrilled with my overall progress in December.

Totals for the month:

Grammar lessons – 9 completed
Time spent studying – 25.8 hours

I hope to make lots of progress in 2015 because I’m hoping our daughter will be home by this fall! The more I learn, the easier it will be to communicate with her. That is great motivation to keep pressing forward.

One Thought on “December Goals – Wrap up

  1. My #2 daughter uses "fly lady" for getting her stuff in order. I think once I get things under control it will be easier to keep things neat.

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