Cranberry orange muffins

When my husband bought me a muffin pan last month, I was so excited! I haven’t made muffins in over two years since we left our rusted metal tins back in Arizona.

The very first batch of muffins I made was an old favorite, Cranberry Orange. This recipe is fantastic. It’s a little bit more work than a boxed muffin mix but so worth the effort. I especially love adding the fresh orange zest. We only have two muffins left and I can’t wait to make another dozen!

3 Thoughts on “Cranberry orange muffins

  1. Well now, those muffins weren't made to sit there and be looked at …
    and you still have the recipe and know how well it works.

  2. Try cranberry / orange / ginger scones. Oh, yeah…

  3. Jim, that sounds REALLY good!

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