Odds and Ends

I’ve been taking my last blog post to heart, going through the house and weeding out things that I can let go of. I took a pair of boots and a bag of clothes and books out to the car. I just need to stop by a donation bin to drop them off.

We visited Target a couple days ago and I picked up two plastic storage bins. Can you believe that I was so excited to own two new $2.79 storage containers? We have very little storage in our house so things just lie around and drive me crazy. One bin is going to be used to store quilting fabric, as right now it’s loose on a shelf in our closet. The other bin is now housing a bunch of electronic odds and ends, things we use but not everyday. Blank CDs, a thumb drive, our webcam (for talking with my nephews in England), a pair of headphones. It feels great to have that stuff off our kitchen counter!

Now I just need to find a pen container to hold all of the pens that are also on the kitchen counter. I looked at Target but they only had two and both were ugly.

It really is the small touches that bring a house together. Decluttering, practical storage, a place for everything and everything in its place.

2 Thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I love the feeling of decluttering. I. Enjoy not having so much stuff. I was thinking after your last post- I have 16+ years of Legos…..
    It amazing how quickly stuff accumulates.

  2. We are lucky to have access to cheap stacking storage boxes and drawers. I love being able to find things right off when I need them. The only thing is, you need to buy more than you think you will need because the designs keep changing and next year's model probably won't stack as neatly on the boxes you already have.

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