Small change making a big difference

Usually I exercise in the late afternoon while my husband is out for his run. Last week I decided to try something new. I started exercising in the morning after breakfast. What a difference it makes! I start the day off feeling productive and it carries me through the day.

Normally I spend way too much time in the mornings reading things online – Facebook, my RSS reader, a couple forums, my email, etc. For the last week, I’ve been allowing myself to browse the internet during breakfast but then I kick myself off the computer to exercise for 45 minutes to an hour. It really is making a huge difference. Because I’ve started the day off well, I continue getting things done. By three in the afternoon, I already feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I think this is one schedule I will try to make a habit.

One Thought on “Small change making a big difference

  1. At our last place, I used to take the dog to the park for a run every morning and in one spot there was a group of men and women doing Tai Chi. I really thought that must be a great way to begin the day. The Japanese radio has "Rajio Taiso"every morning and many people do that at home or in groups. Of course you need to understand Japanese but once you get it, it is the same routine of movements to music every morning.

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