More UFO progress

More progress!

Home organization

    Spare bedroom
    Living room storage
    Clothes closet

Our clothes closet is all sorted and tidied! I can’t post pictures because I store everything on those shelves that cannot be hung up. But I went through everything, got rid of whatever was worn or didn’t fit, and folded everything else. We have four shelves in that closet. Each time I open the door, I am take aback at how tidy it is. That makes it plenty evident that I need to make a habit of being tidy instead of it being a rare occurrence!

I’m fairly certain my next completion will be a knitting project. I took my project to my knitting group on Friday and made a lot of progress. I’ll probably finish within the next two days and can’t wait to see how it looks off the needles.

2 Thoughts on “More UFO progress

  1. Good going! I need to take a page from your book and get rid of things that aren't being used too.

  2. It feels good when something is completed.
    My goal it to finish at least two craft projects this week lol…

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