Plowing through the reading list

Time for another Nightstand post! I’ve been posting almost every week about what I’m currently reading so I’ll just mention what I’m reading at this moment and what’s coming up.

I’m still reading Through Gates of Splendor (this month’s Reading to Know book). It’s a really inspiring missionary story and makes me wonder if I could ever do something so brave.

My current bedtime fiction is Dumas’ Twenty Years After, the sequel to The Three Musketeers. I haven’t read very far but I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s been awhile since I read The Three Musketeers so I don’t remember all of the characters. Hopefully they will all sort themselves out.

I am also perusing Knits Men Want in hopes of finding something my husband will let me knit him. So far I’m not having much luck but the writing is rather funny!

Next up:

Radical Homemakers

Happy July reading!!

2 Thoughts on “Plowing through the reading list

  1. Ooh, I really liked Radical Homemakers. I'll be curious for your thoughts on that one!

    Glad you are enjoying Through Gates of Splendor! (Is this your first time reading it?)

    And you scored the copy of Twenty Years After! Pulled out of storage and everything!? 😀

  2. Since I read The Three Musketeers last year I better add this one to my list before I forget what happened in the first. I have to admit I did listen to the audio since trying to read French words isn't really my thing.

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