Slowly getting fit

A year and a half ago, I reached my goal weight. Then I took a long trip due to a family emergency and ate whatever I wanted as a coping mechanism. Not the smartest idea! Then hubby and I moved and ate very cheaply (read: not very healthy) for awhile as we saved to buy pots and pans and recovered from our moving expenses. A couple months ago, we finally bought a scale so I was able to see what the damage was. Surprisingly, I was only 10 pounds over my goal weight. Not too bad!

A month ago, we started tracking calories and eating the correct portions. What a difference that makes! I’m now only four pounds over my goal weight but the weight isn’t budging. Time to kick the exercise up a notch.

I started running again. The first run was torture. I bought new shoes that will help transition into a minimalist shoe. My feet weren’t used to that and I could tell (very painfully) that I’m a heel striker. Bad! We’ve been running for three weeks now. Last night I ran a 5k. Woohoo! It feels good to be back into it.

We’re hoping to run a 5k race sometime next month. I honestly didn’t think that I would be ready in time but last night I proved that I’m stronger than I think. I’ll keep training and hopefully run a decent time in the race. It’s been almost two years since our last race and I miss the challenge. Races are so much fun! The crowd atmosphere makes me run faster than I run normally. It’s a blast seeing all of the runners out there, even ones who are just getting back into shape like me.

I’m finally starting to accept my body shape and recognize that I’m never going to be that skinny model. God gave me curves. I’m learning to embrace that! Hopefully the running and hiking will increase my fitness levels, even if I never do fit into those size four jeans.

3 Thoughts on “Slowly getting fit

  1. Is it genetic I wonder, for women to worry about their weight? I do too – hence I spend an hour at the gym every night after work! Good on you for running 5km. Once I entered a race and I vowed never again as the crowds made it terrible for me. All the best for your plans. Summer must be coming your way I think.

  2. Good for you ♥
    I don't think I would worry too much about the 4 pounds:) My family just ran a 5K race for obesity awareness at our church. They all had a great time!!! I really lack in the area of exercise – thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. I used to run every day, at least a two mile loop once or twice. I really need to get back to running and starting is the hardest part. I notice how un-fit I am when I HAVE to run to make a bus or train.

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