Weekly Goals

I cannot believe how fast one week passes into the next. It’s unbelievable! Valentine’s Day is this week and we just celebrated Christmas!

Last month I posted a list of goals and deadlines. So far it’s really helped. I’ve stopped procrastinating on several projects and have either made good progress or completed several. I’ve been wondering if having smaller weekly goals might also be useful.

This week:

  • Write Goodreads reviews for the library books that need to be returned
  • Finish reading one of the books sent to be reviewed
  • Complete a week’s worth of lectures and quizzes for my Coursera Argument class
  • Sew the pinwheel blocks for the Monkey Quilt 
  • Email my language exchange partner
  • Finish compiling my daily/weekly chores list

That’s probably a bit ambitious but I need to make significant progress on my argument class as it needs to be completed by March 11. Also, I have a stack of library books that have to be returned this week and I want to review them before returning them.

I am off to go make lunch and clean the kitchen!

One Thought on “Weekly Goals

  1. Those are some GREAT goals! Good luck on them!

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