Slowly but surely!

On September 24, we bought a bed. Since then, we’ve been saving our money and waiting.



At 11:30am…

Our very empty living room

At noon…

Bruno wonders what has changed

“Is that for me?”

Our Aries cat claims it for his very own

We are very blessed! We finally have a couch and it was paid for with cash. I have to admit, it is hard to not be tempted to finance our furniture purchases. So far we’ve been able to purchase a bed, a folding table, folding chairs, an executive office chair for my husband’s work at home job, and a couch. Not bad for six month of saving and shopping around. We’re slowly furnishing our house and are avoiding debt.

God is so good!

4 Thoughts on “Slowly but surely!

  1. Well done. How nice to be able to purchase before year end. I have the same beliefs as you on debt so appreciate the sacrifices and the interminable waiting. Once again Well Done!

  2. Yay! A comfy place to sit!

  3. Oh how nice to sit comfortably again. I am very glad for you, slowly but surely you are getting there. Please let us know if the kitties are still using their own "tree" for scratching – did your "plan" work?

  4. YAY! Congratulations!!

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