Tuesday’s Homemaking

I did not accomplish exactly what I had planned on accomplishing. My husband was just handed a huge project for work and spent most of the day on the phone. I did manage to keep the kitchen clean, tidy the living room, wash some laundry, and reorganize a bit.

Until this morning, this counter was covered in piles of library books, mail, and my knitting projects. It was a mess! I took all of the library books downstairs and moved the printer off the floor. However, I still had several piles that I couldn’t figure out what to do with.

This is what was underneath that counter. Some adaptor for the cable television we have no possible way to actually watch (but is free with our internet service). The Wii, plus all the accessories that go along with it. All stuff that we won’t be able to use until we buy a television.

I moved all of that downstairs into our spare bedroom. Here is the result – a couple library books, my knitting, and printer paper. All things that are actually being used in our day to day life.

And here is our current living room. Sparse, isn’t it? Our bed is propped up against the wall so that the cats don’t jump on it while the sheets are in the wash. Over the fireplace, I taped a print of one of my favorite paintings. It brightens the room a bit, I think.

The only thing I wasn’t able to do today was to clean the floors. I am supposed to sweep every day because the cats track their litter, fluff hair all over the place, and normal dust accumulates. It’s disgusting what I sweep up every day but I guess that would normally be hidden in the carpet. Then on Tuesdays, I want to dry mop the upstairs floors. I will have to add that on to tomorrow’s list!

On the schedule for Wednesday – clean the upstairs bathroom and our pantry (the closet in the hallway).

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