A second month of homemaking?

I don’t know why I am struggling so much with this challenge. Last week, I cleaned the house from top to bottom. It looked really good! Then we had a very busy four day weekend.

Friday – My SIL flew in from LA and settled in for four days.
Sabbath – Two friends drove up from Portland to see us and SIL; they stayed overnight.
Sunday – Portland friends left. Hubby’s childhood friends came over for a couple hours and then we went out for the rest of the day.
Monday – My SIL flew out in the evening.

In between all of that, we explored Seattle. Hours of city driving and visiting restaurants and shopping districts and country drives.

We had a lovely time!

But come Monday night, I was wiped out. Tuesday, still exhausted. Wednesday, still exhausted. Then I spent the rest of the week with no motivation for anything productive.

Why can’t I do what needs to be done on a regular basis instead of tackling everything at once and then letting it pile up again? So frustrating!!

I’m exploring and praying about several ideas of why I struggle so much – Laziness. Lack of motivation. A house that, once cleaned, still doesn’t feel like home.

I don’t mean to complain. I really don’t. Just sharing what’s going on.

Last week, we took our cat to the vet. Still waiting on test results. Provided we don’t need to spend any additional money, we are still hoping to order our new bed on Friday. Maybe sleeping in the master bedroom on a regular bed, instead of in the living room on an air mattress, will help us feel at home. Maybe I’ll be able to get some quality sleep. Maybe then I’ll find my motivation and energy again.

I hope so!

2 Thoughts on “A second month of homemaking?

  1. A busy weekend can really take a toll. You'll get your mojo back soon! If cleaning mojo is really what you want…
    A word about More Than Words: BOR-ING. (That's how my niece says it.) It got a little more interesting toward the end, but I almost didn't finish. The grandmother in the story has dementia. I don't think the author handled it respectfully. Then there were gypsies???
    The second in the series is much better. It's called A Bond Never Broken.

  2. I know what you mean…I am usually exhausted after long drives and need to recover 🙂

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