A Month of Knitting – Week 2

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been so tired. We are still sleeping on an air mattress and I don’t think I’m getting more than 3 or 4 consecutive hours of sleep. We figured out our budgeting and determined that we can order a mattress on September 9th. A little less than four more weeks! Maybe once we have the new bed, I’ll be able to get a full night of sleep and have more energy during the day.

Meanwhile, I’ve been diligent about knitting every day. It’s not much but I complete at least two rows each day, roughly 30 minutes of knitting.

I had hoped to complete my shawl this week but fell a bit short. Two inches left to knit!

One Thought on “A Month of Knitting – Week 2

  1. Oh I feel for you. We borrowed friends foam "mattresses" when we first moved into our current home and after a short while you could feel the floor through them (it was a a LONG 3 months!) We had to give them back and considered air mattresses but opted to buy on a 6 month zero interest payment plan. I look forward to the last installment in November so we have a bit more spare cash! Waiting till you can buy cash is definitely a better option. Well done with the knitting, I always give up after a much shorter period and admire people who have the perserverance to complete projects.

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