Moving preparations

Every day I’m trying to do something to prepare for our move. We plan on eliminating enough of our belongings that we can pack everything in the car, plus ship a couple of boxes of books, and make the drive. We don’t own any nice furniture and it would be more expensive to rent a U-haul than it would be to replace the things we own.

Today I sold half of our board game collection. We may whittle down our collection further, but I’m not sure we can without getting rid of games we love and play! Also, we threw out our extra mattress. When my dad bought us our futon, we took the one remaining mattress from our old bed and stored it in our spare bedroom. Whenever we had overnight guests, mostly my brother and his wife, they would sleep on the extra mattress. It’s not a full bed, but it’s the best we had. Now that my brother lives across the country, we don’t expect any overnight guests before moving. With the mattress gone, the spare bedroom looks a lot bigger!

Tomorrow I think I will start scanning some of my files. I’ve been wanting to convert to a paperless system for several years but haven’t made the effort to scan old tax files and other important records. My file box won’t fit in the car so it’s a great time to become paperless!

One Thought on “Moving preparations

  1. What a great idea. I hope you're able to fit everything that's important in the car. Decluttering is such a good feeling.
    Your quilt is coming along nicely! I love the red background.

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