30 Day Challenges – Recap and December’s challenge

I have finished two 30 day challenges, both of them relatively easy and not much of a “challenge.” First was the Get Dressed challenge. That one went very well and I got into the habit of changing out of my pajamas or workout clothes as soon as possible. I’ve spent the last six weeks wearing skirts and sweaters around the house, being much more presentable on a moment’s notice! It’s been nice and lends itself well to productivity.

My second challenge was to drink more water. This challenge didn’t go as well as my Get Dressed challenge, but it did make me more aware of my water consumption. I don’t drink enough! I’m currently on week 4 of the P90X workout program, plus I run several times a week. With all of the exercise, and living in a very dry state, I don’t drink enough water and am almost constantly dehydrated. November went far toward helping me rehydrate, but I still don’t drink enough several days a week. Thankfully, the challenge helped me to keep water nearby and make sure the water filter remains filled.

For my third challenge, I am choosing something more difficult. For the next 30 days, I will be reading nothing but nonfiction. I mentioned this briefly on my Nightstand post. I read a lot of drivel, or what Charlotte Mason calls “twaddle.” Knowing that, I decided to challenge myself to read nothing but nonfiction for an entire month. My nightstand post outlines what I plan to read but I’ll update periodically as I finish books. I can’t wait to see what things I might learn this month!

I’m brainstorming ideas of what I might challenge myself to do in 2012. I want to keep the challenges somewhat related to homemaking, as that is one of my primary focuses in life. God, my husband, and my home. I want each challenge to improve one of these areas in my life, not just something I do for the sake of doing something. Any ideas? Want to join me on a 30 day challenge?

2 Thoughts on “30 Day Challenges – Recap and December’s challenge

  1. You have been given the Versatile Blogger Award at A Sweet .n. Simple Life. You can read about it here: http://asweetnsimplelife.blogspot.com/2011/11/versatile-blogger-award.html
    Blessings, Kelsey

  2. Thats a really good idea giving yourself a 30 day challenge. Not sure what I'll do.

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