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It’s amazing how fast time flies. This week, we’ve been diving back into our normal routine, my husband concentrating on his work and me trying to shift back into the housework. Once you get out of routine, it’s hard to get back into it!

On Sunday, hubby and I started the P90X fitness program. It’s intense! Workouts are around 60 minutes, 6 days a week. Today was day 6 so we get tomorrow off. On top of that, we’re trying to stay current with our running schedule. We had two 1 mile runs and one 2 mile run this week. The running is scaled back but we’re trying to keep our legs aware of what running is.

On the homemaking front, I’ve been struggling with my emotions a bit this week. I know I’ve been spending way too much time on things that don’t really matter and not enough time on the things that do matter. It’s too easy to spend 30-60 minutes wrapped up in a good book. I have a couple of really addicting games on my tablet. While I do not think these activities are inherently bad, I do feel that there has to be balance. Without it, nothing gets done.

There isn’t much time left before sundown today, for which I am grateful. I’m looking forward to the Sabbath and going to church tomorrow. My homemaking ponderings will have to wait until Sunday. I am planning on sitting down with a cup of tea and my computer and making lists of what I do everyday versus what should be done. I need to get back to a good schedule.

Last Sabbath, I chatted with my grandma in Wyoming. It turns out my grandpa isn’t doing very well and Grandma isn’t sure how much longer he’s going to be with us. My brother, my dad, and myself were planning on taking a trip to Wyoming late next spring but we moved the dates up. Now we’re going to Wyoming for Thanksgiving. This was completely unexpected and has definitely thrown me for a loop. I like knowing WAY in advance when I’m going to travel and I’m not quite prepared to be away from home again, especially when my husband can’t go with me. I’m flying up to Denver, which is where my brother is also flying to, and we’re both getting picked up by my dad, who is driving from Texas. Then we’ll be driving up to Casper for three days. While I’m not prepared to travel again, I am looking forward to seeing my grandparents.

On a much lighter note, I still haven’t made a good pumpkin pie! The one last Friday was bland. I made another this week but something was off with the consistency. It was like eating pudding. I have two more recipes to try but something has to work out! Making pumpkin pie should not be this hard.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll try to get back to regular posting next week, detailing how things are going with my priority lists and schedules.

3 Thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Don't feel bad about your so-called time-wasters. Things come in waves- in an hour or two you'll be refreshed, back to work.
    Thanks for suggesting Nancy Moser books. I'm patiently waiting for some of her historical fiction to be returned to my public library. The Good Nearby was in, but it's contemporary and a little too neat and tidy at the end. Still good, but not my cup-of-tea.

  2. I am posting the Pumpkin Pie recipe TODAY! as soon as I get the baby down:) I know you will love it! Just made two last week and took pics so I could post it, but life has been really BUSY for me lately.

    Happy scheduling… it can be so hard to balance everything out and it is emotionally distressing. I need to make a list myself,(sigh). But if I do nothing else today I am posting the pie recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hope the trip goes well.

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