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My first challenge is still underway and going well. I knew starting the challenge that I would have a slight advantage as we were planning a 9 day vacation. When you’re out of town and visiting family and friends, you have no choice but to dress up! I thought that it would be a good start to my challenge and get the ball rolling for getting dressed up at home. So far, so good.

As the Get Dressed! challenge is going well and is almost half over, I decided to start another 30 day challenge and let them overlap. For the month of November, I am concentrating on my water intake. While there are a few days here and there that I drink enough water, most days my water intake is too low. Living in Arizona, that is detrimental to both my exercise routine and my skin’s health.

We own a Brita water filter, so I am going to track my water intake. Various resources have suggested a different recommended water intake. Some said that you should drink (in ounces) your body weight divided by 2. Other calculators suggested I drink 70 ounces of water based on my body weight and activity level. I decided I am going to aim for six of our 12 ounce glasses of water.

So far this month, I’ve been doing well! Yesterday I drank 6.5 glasses of water and today I finished 7. Hopefully this will help my skin and my ability to exercise! Even though it’s a 30 day challenge to drink more water, I am hoping this will jump start a lifelong habit.

2 Thoughts on “30 day challenge – water

  1. Thank you I am off to drink my water now. I do drink reasonably but need to drink slightly more plus I need to encourage PLB and my dear husband to drink more.

  2. Thanks for the WATER encouragement. We were just talking about this tonight… I need to do better and help remind the littles too:) Good old H2O ♥

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