Gone again

It was very last minute. Yesterday I traveled to Tucson with my husband and spent time with my sister in law while my husband worked at a client’s office. While we were visiting, my sister in law invited me to accompany herself, her sister, and my nephew for a three day jaunt to San Diego. Sure!

We are headed off early this morning. My husband is dropping me off in Casa Grande at 6:30, where my sister in law will meet me at 7. Hubby returns home and we proceed to San Diego. I am so blessed to have a husband who encourages me to spend time with my family! I am also blessed to be able to afford these short trips.

In October, my brother, his wife, and their son will be moving back east for his military assignment. This will be the first time they’ve lived in a different state, other than my brother’s assignments in Iraq. I will miss them terribly! I have been excited to spend so much time with them lately, a chance to get to know both my nephew and my sister in law better before we live over 1,000 miles from each other.

I’ve been gone a lot and I look forward to life returning to normal next week. My blog posts have been intermittent as I haven’t been home much in the past two weeks. I miss my hubby. We are normally inseparable. But I am thankful for the time spent with family, for being close to them now. When they have moved and I don’t see them for a year at a time, I will be very grateful to have these recent memories.

2 Thoughts on “Gone again

  1. It is WoNdErFuL to spend time with family ~ glad you had such a nice adventure:)

  2. Aww,man! You were in my neck of the woods. San Diego is overrated! Ha! I am not in the city, but rather in "North County" where it is HAWT! 😉 I hope you had fun!

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