Dishes and menus

I am happy to say that the dishes have been washed/dried/put away for the last two days! I don’t know why I struggle so much with keeping a clean kitchen, but I’m slowly learning to prioritize.

I also created a menu for the next week. My diet is being overhauled again and I’m trying to eat mostly fruits and veggies with a regular, vegan meal at night. We have fruit for banana/peach smoothies and peach/strawberry smoothies, both of which are very good. I’ve found that the more fruit I consume on a daily basis, the less I crave desserts. I haven’t had dessert in over a month.

Menu planning is always a challenge for me as I can never think of anything new to eat. We tend to rotate through the same meal options – haystacks, burritos, spaghetti, and orange tofu. All of these meals taste good but we have problems with variety. I decided to try a new recipe this week so I’ll be making vegan soba and mushroom soup this weekend. It’s a bit different than our normal dinner fare! Hopefully it turns out well.

2 Thoughts on “Dishes and menus

  1. Hi there,
    the smoothies sounds delicious. Fruit is quite expencive in iRLAND AND SO i GENERALLY BUY APPLES, ORANGES, BANANAS AND GRAPES.

    I am a BORING cook and so I understand all about preparing the same foods again and again, perhaps this is why Niall thought the food in the hospital was so nice?!!!

  2. Fruit is sort of expensive here. It's definitely more expensive than buying boxed foods. You can get fruit for decent prices when it's on sale, though.

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