Today was a great day!

Today was a great day. We woke up early, exercised, and ate a good breakfast (haystacks!). We spent most of the day job searching, posting stuff to sell online, and cleaning up the apartment.

We sold another couple video games today. We only have a couple left. Everything is posted online for sale and we’re hoping the rest will sell in the next couple weeks. I also posted our bookshelves for sale on Craigslist, as well as my SLR camera. It kind of hurts selling off your belongings, but I am so thankful that we are still able to pay the bills. Each item sold helps pay another bill. No late payments yet!

Hubby and I also had our devotional time in the morning. Usually, we read the Bible together in the evenings, but I’d like to switch to mornings if hubby is agreeable. I find that my day goes smoother when I read God’s word earlier. Almost as if I have advice and encouragement to remember all day long instead of looking back on the day to see how things could be done differently.

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