Stress – how much more can we handle?

I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been really stressed and haven’t felt like posting just to complain. Hubby and I are pretty much out of money. We have enough money for April’s rent plus a student loan payment, but that’s it. A few bills might not get paid next month or will only receive partial payments.

Thankfully, one of our friends from church has pitched in to provide groceries. She brought us a few bags of groceries and gave us a Walmart gift card to buy more food as needed. A coworker of hers also gave us a gift card anonymously. The friend has lifted us up in prayer at work and another coworker today gave us $100. Every time I think about people’s generosity, I want to cry. It’s very humbling to admit you need help and it feels humiliating at times.

I’ve revised and polished my resume and am working on a cover letter. Hubby and I have agreed that I will start searching for a job. Even part time would really help out. My contract work is sporadic and I welcome it when it arrives, but I’m earning less than $100 per month. Neither of us want me to work, but we’re not sure what else to do. We’re praying about it, though, wanting to do what the Lord wills. If He wants me to get a job, then He’ll provide. If He doesn’t want me to get a job, then hopefully Jeff will receive an offer soon.

Also, an old car accident from 2003 has reared it’s ugly head. We thought that was resolved, an accident Jeff was involved in before we met. Unfortunately, the insurance company is trying to collect damages from Jeff and is suing us for $9300. Long story, but we’re looking for a lawyer who will sit down for a consultation and let us know what the best course of action is. We can’t afford to pay the debt now, but we’re willing to make payments after we’re employed.

Please pray for us. I thought I couldn’t handle much more, but the stress and pressure keeps mounting. God isn’t going to give me more than I can handle, so He must have a high opinion of my threshhold for stress. 🙂 There are a few moments of hope in this experience, like the free food and the monetary gifts, the support from friends and all the prayers. God will take care of us and we should have an amazing testimony to share after this is over. I just hope I can continue to remember all the good when the stress has me overwhelmed.

4 Thoughts on “Stress – how much more can we handle?

  1. Gillian on March 26, 2009 at 3:37 pm said:

    I recently found your blog and have been ejoying it. I’ll be praying about your situation!

  2. Gillian,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for praying!!

  3. These are hard times for us. If is wasn’t for God I would rush out and do my own thing, what I think is good. However, knowing God is in control, and knowing that I have to do what He says can stretch me at times and test me.

    But then I remember who He is and what He has already taken me through. All my life I did things my way and it never worked out, now I want God to tell tell me what to do. I know right now it mst feel like you are walking in the dark with your hands stretched out in front of you, well that’s how I feel! But I have learned that this is a good place to be. I learn more about Him this way…

    Thank God, for God!

  4. God tells us not to worry about what we will eat or wear cause he takes care of even the sparrows and lillies right? So don’t worry. I find it hard to not worry myself, but worrying doesn’t do much except stress us. Thankfully there are so many people he uses to bless us (you’re experiencing that now 🙂 so are we). But atleast you know you always have him, and a wonderful husband who loves you. And that’s the most important thing. I’m still praying for you guys! I know God will provide 🙂 Just trust.

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