Job search update

Hubby landed a two week contract! It’s part time, a few hours each night, but it’s something! He has training on Monday and Tuesday and then he’ll receive assignments for the next two weeks. Praise the Lord!

All our bills are paid for March. I am just amazed that we managed to pay every bill, on time, for this month without using any credit cards. God is very very good.

I was planning on trying out a new French bread recipe today, but I realized this morning that I have to make a starter that sits out overnight. Oops. I should have read over the recipe yesterday when I decided which bread recipe I was going to bake today. I’ll make the starter either tomorrow night or Sunday night.

Other than that, I’m still catching up on dirty laundry from my trip. Hubby was really good about keeping up with his laundry, so I just have to wash all of my clothes from the last two weeks and some towels from around the house. I didn’t even realize I had enough clothes to wear for two weeks without doing laundry.

My dad will be arriving tonight and my brother will arrive on Monday, I think. They are driving up to Wyoming for a few days and then will be back here to stay for another week. I’ve seen my family more often in the last two weeks than I have in the last year. Being spread around the world makes it really hard to get together for dinner.

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  1. I am delighted your husband got some work. Tell me, can you freeze corn bread?

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