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I’m having motivation issues with my dieting and exercise. My challenges are in different areas than normal, though. In the past, I would get derailed by not exercising, by eating a bunch of dessert, or not reducing portions.

This time around, I’m still watching my portions. I still measure most of my food and estimate portions on the rest of it. I’m still logging my food into Nutridiary and eating less calories than I burn every day. However, I’m not doing well at eating a vegan diet (mac&cheese – yum!). I’m allowing myself fattier meals, but the portions are much smaller than they used to be. I’ve learned what a serving size is! One serving is a lot smaller than I thought. 🙂 And I’m only eating one non-optimal meal a day or every other day, instead of all the time.

I’ve only had three days this year where I’ve allowed myself dessert! Once, it was a cupcake made like pineapple upside-down cake. The other two days, I finished a couple slices of vegan chocolate cake. That’s it! I’m avoiding all the dessert I used to eat – ice cream, candy bars, and especially ColdStone. I’m staying away from that place.

It’s my exercise that’s slipping. I was motivated to work out daily to the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD. I worked out for 7 sessions and then quit. I’m still exercising, but it’s no where near as intensive as the DVD. Most days, I’m walking. Hubby and I are walking to all of our errands instead of driving. I’m averaging 2 miles a day.

Is that enough? Can I still lose weight by moderating my portions, even though I’m not eating optimally? Can I still lose weight by walking instead of doing a higher cardio exercise? I guess I’ll find out when I step on the scale this Sunday.

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  1. Anonymous on January 22, 2009 at 11:41 pm said:

    I’m having the same stuggle. I’m doing super great on calorie counting and portion control, I’m also eating healthier, but exercise isn’t my strong suit. Well not good exercise. As much as I’ve read you can lose about 10 lbs (also my experience) and then you flatline. You’re body adjusts. So it’s good to have a splurge day once a week or meal every few days to keep your body guessing. And Yes you (and I) will probably need to do some good cardio, although all the extra walking your doing should count for something! Keep up the great work!

  2. Brisk walking is one of the best exercises. 🙂

    Have you tried the vegan version of Mac & Cheese? It isn't quite the same of course– cheese is the only thing that really tastes like itself, but it IS yummy, and after a while you don't miss the old so much. I use to so love mac n cheese… but then, I do have the advantage of making the vegan switch when I was quite young. I think it's easier then than it would be if I tried now, for sure!

    But you are doing good… just don't become discouraged if it seems like the weight goes slowly, because it will, and you will be so much stronger and in better health all the time as you go!

  3. 1… You are developing/practicing the fruit of the Spirit, self controll.

    2… You are not putting on weight.

    3… You are not eating deserts & sweets every day like you used to.

    4… You are walking miles every week.

    5… YOu are an encouragement to others.

    6… If you loose 1lb a week, you will be down about 3 stone by December!

    7… You have made a new friend in Ireland because of this!

    You are doing much better that I am, and I am happy with the litle I am doing. Keep up the great work and appreciate what you are doing. Your doing great!

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