Adoption Timeline

January 6 – Asked to see “Jenny’s” file and decide that we want to adopt her as our second daughter. *note – Jenny was her advocacy name, not her real name.
October 2 – Our first adoption attempt fell apart so we inquired with Heartsent
October 6 – We find out from Jenny’s social worker that she still wants to be adopted
October 7 – Formal application mailed to Heartsent
October 8 – Application accepted
October 26 – Home study update interview with our social worker
October 30 – Received dossier back from Chung Yi in Taiwan. Scanned and emailed translated home study to Heartsent, which was then forwarded to St. Lucy’s. We are now submitted for pre-approval, exactly four weeks after asking about Jenny.
December 5 – We received pre-approval from St. Lucy’s!
December 31 – Heartsent received contracts from St. Lucy’s, which meant that Jenny said YES to be adopted!

January 2 – We received contracts and dossier instructions
January 5 – Contracts signed and dossier completed
January 6 – Dossier is on its way to WA SOS for the first step in the authentication process
January 29 – First Skype call with Jenny
February 15 – Second Skype call
February 19 – Authentication complete on Chinese New Year
March 10 – Fill out renewal paperwork for I600A
March 20 – Third Skype call
March 27 – Fourth Skype call
April 10 – Mayor (her guardian) has signed the contracts and our PAIR documents were mailed to the US. Filled out I600 in anticipation of submission.
April 17 – PAIR approval process started. Fifth Skype call
April 20 – I600 application is logged into USCIS
April 21 – Dossier submitted to Taiwan courts
April 24 – Sixth Skype call – birthday call! We received I-600A approval.
May 8 – First court hearing – when the judge asked her if she wanted to be adopted by our family and move to America, Jenny said YES!
May 11 – I-600 pre-approval issued
May 15 – Seventh Skype call
May 29 – Eight Skype call
June 3 – We are notified Jenny now has a passport!
June 10 – Good news day! Travel email that says AIT appointment has been tentatively scheduled. DS-260 application submitted.
June 13 – AIT letter (I-600) arrives
June 24 – We find out we have final decree!! Jenny is now legally considered our daughter. Travel dates confirmed
June 25 – Plane tickets purchased
June 27 – Ninth Skype call
June 28 – Hotels booked
July 1 – We emailed Jenny a letter about our trip to Taiwan and what life will be like when we come home
July 2 – Travel call with Heartsent
July 14 – 10th Skype call – call canceled so our girl can attend soccer camp!
July 27 – 10th Skype call – just two days before travel!
July 29 – Fly to Taiwan
August 3 – We meet our daughter – Family Day!!
August 5 – Visa appointment at AIT
August 6 – Fly home

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